Purpose of Prophecy
The Purpose of Prophecy

. . . is to prepare the bride for her Bridegroom. It reveals to us where Christ is at each step of His ministry & what He is currently doing to cleanse & purify His bride for the day when He comes to take her home. Itʼs the greatest love story ever told.

Understanding Daniel and Revelation

Understanding Daniel and Revelation

Daniel and Revelation reveal as no other the great controversy between Christ and antichrist, the battle between two kingdoms, and the principles by which they govern. No where else in the Bible does God as thoroughly reiterate the identification of two critical time periods than in Daniel and Revelation....

Reaping & Sowing

Reaping and Sowing, Daniel 1

We will find, by examining the following Bible verses, examples of the biblical principle that effect follows cause, whether that effect is a direct outworking of natural laws, or follows the respectful concession of a God whose right to mercifully intervene has been rejected in favor of the intervention of another.

Rise & Fall - 1
The Rise and Fall of Earthly Kingdoms, Daniel 2 Part 1

What's was God's purpose in revealing through prophecy the rise and fall of earthly kingdoms?

#4B Rise & Fall - 2

The Rise and Fall of Earthly Kingdoms, Daniel 2 Part 2

The vision of chapter 2 is the first vision in the book of Daniel, and it is of great significance. It can be likened to a skeleton with each succeeding vision adding on the flesh, layer after layer. 

Rebellion, Self, Greatest Battle Self, The Greatest Battle...

Self, the Greatest Battle Ever Fought, Daniel 3 Part 1

This is the core issue of the great controversy. Whose principles will be found to be everlasting and able to sustain life, the principles of selfless love and liberty or self-exaltation and force? In other words, "Will the real God please stand up."

Mystery of Iniquity Mystery of Iniquity

The Mystery of Iniquity- Self Worship, Daniel 3 Part 2

In this study we are going to closely examine the parallels between Nebuchadnezzarʼs image on the plains of Dura and the final decree enforcing worship, as revealed in Revelation. What does this have to do with us, our present lives and our eternal destiny? 

Final Showdown Final Showdown

The Final Showdown, Daniel 3 Part 3

The literal story of King Nebuchadnezzarʼs setting up the golden image on the plains of Dura typifies the forthcoming final showdown . . . 

What is the core issue? What principle of governance differentiates these kingdoms?

Humbling of High & Mighty Humbling of the High and Mighty

The Humbling of the High and Mighty, Daniel 4

In his converted state, Nebuchadnezzar, the author of Daniel chapter four, reflects back on the events that led to a most humbling experience when he found himself out in a pasture grazing with the animals ...

Prophetic Flow of History Prophetic Flow of History

Prophetic Flow of History, Daniel 7 Part 1

Prophecy reveals the play/counterplay in the great controversy between Christ and antichrist. Daniel and Revelation reveal as no other, the principles of the two kingdoms. It assures us of the victorious end. The things that were foretold and have come to pass assure us that the things that are yet unfolding will also come to pass.

The Daily & Abomination The Daily & Abomination of Desolation
The Daily & The Abomination of Desolation, Daniel 8 Part 1

Our purpose in this study is to focus on the character development that all must possess when Christ finishes His work interceding for us in the heavenly sanctuary. The controversy started in heaven with pride which led to self-trust, which is a lack of trust in God. In Eden we find Satan successfully used the same subtle temptations with Eve.
Hosea's Passionate Lover
Hosea's Passionate Lover

Do you believe in righteousness?

Do you want to be righteous?

Hosea teaches righteousness comes only by faith.

Faith in what?

We are going to explore Hosea in search of a faith that saves.
The Gospel According to Marriage
The Gospel According to the Laws of Marriage

As God designed it, marriage sets in motion depths of motivation that surge in waves of joy. Each wants to please the other. Each feels an enthusiasm to do and to be what fulfills the other. If such surrendered devotion does not exist, the parties to marriage  weary of acting the part, of trying to do what love would do apart from the motivating power of a genuine love.
The Bible Must Be Allowed To Interpret Itself The Bible Interprets Itself

The Bible Must Be Allowed To Interpret Itself

Can the Bible be trusted? Does the Bible contradict itself? Is every word of the Bible inspired? Is there a difference between the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New? Will there be any new light? How can we know the truth? Are there principles of interpretation whereby we might rightly divide the Word of Truth? 

In The Beginning
In The Beginning

The essence of this study reveals the key issue at the heart of the conflict between God and Satan. Which can be trusted? Which is telling the truth? Which one truly loves us? . . . Letʼs read of Adam and Eveʼs disobedience and how it came about. The story begins with Godʼs warning about the subtlety of the serpent, a subtlety commending more than just a superficial reading.
Wll the Real God Please Stand Up

Will The Real God Please Stand Up! 

Who done it — Egypt’s Gods or Israel’s God? Who killed the firstborn of Egypt? How did the plagues come about? Who hardened Pharaohʼs heart? Who was the “destroyer?” On closer examination we will discover that things are not always as they appear.

The Wrath of God. What Is It? The Wrath of God. What Is It?
God's Wrath.

What Is It —

Imposed Punishment or the Inevitable Consequence of Sin?
Hell at the Cross

Hell At The Cross

Some people believe that Christ went to hell after He died. This would be true in the sense that hell is sometimes properly interpreted as the grave both in Hebrew and Greek, and Christ went to that grave. But hell has another biblically proper interpretation by which Christ went to hell before He died. In fact, when He gave up His spirit and died, it was a sweet release from the torment of that living hell.