The Final Showdown, Daniel 3 Part 3

The literal story of King Nebuchadnezzar’s setting up the golden image on the plains of Dura typifies the forthcoming final showdown between the worshippers of God and the worshippers of the beast revealed in John’s prophecy of Revelation chapter 13. Understanding the issues in this last conflict between Christ and antichrist is imperative if we are to be found worshipping with the redeemed at the feet of Jesus on the sea of glass. The final issues revolve around the government of God and the government of Satan. What is the core issue? What principle of governance differentiates these kingdoms? God rules with self sacrificing, self lowering service while honoring God-given liberty to choose whom we will trust and serve. Nebuchadnezzar’s self exaltation and enforcing worship at the point of death represents the forceful principles of the kingdom of Satan.

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