The Prophetic Flow of History, Dan 7 Part 1

Prophecy reveals the play counter play in the great controversy between Christ and antichrist. Daniel and Revelation reveal as no other, the principles of the two kingdoms. It assures us of the victorious end. The things that were foretold and have come to pass assure us that the things that are yet unfolding will also come to pass. It reveals to us where Christ is in His ministry to save the world from sin that we might pray accordingly and help bring it to pass.

The Historicist View of Interpretation

The historicist view of interpretation simply means that the prophecies follow a continual flow of history starting at the time of the prophet and continuing to the time of the everlasting kingdom being set up. This is true of the four visions we find in Daniel. Therefore, no matter what symbol in any vision we are looking at, we can know where we are in the scope of history. There are no gaps of time between symbols representing the reigning powers.

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