The Wrath of God, What Is It?

Have you ever had someone tell you, “To hell with God! I did not ask to be born! I am nothing but a puppet and if I don’t do what He says, He’s going to burn me! What’s with that? You can have Him!” Or, have you ever had someone tell you, “I want nothing to do with your damning God!” Have you ever had someone tell you “I tried to be like Jesus, but I couldn’t? I like the God of the Old Testament.”

Sadly, I have. What is the truth about the God who is considered to be the epitome of love? Would you drown, burn or bury alive your child if he rejected your love? Would that be considered love among humans?  Would that be considered mercy? Would that be considered justice? Why no. You would likely spend the rest of your life in prison and rightly so. Yet some would reasonably argue that, though we humans cannot understand the God of love, His justice is no less love than His mercy? We would agree. But to see God’s love in His “wrath” as more than a theoretical acknowledgment is the purpose of this study. If we are to escape the wrath of God we must know Him as He truly is.

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