The Mystery of Iniquity, Self Worship, Dan 3 Part 2

In this study we are going to closely examine the parallels between Nebuchadnezzar’s image on the plains of Dura and the final decree enforcing worship, as revealed in Revelation. What does this have to do with us, our present lives and our eternal destiny? The sole purpose of the plan of redemption is to redeem us from sin, that is, the harmful transgression of the vast and perfect systems of cause and effect, the perfect laws that govern the universe as God irrevocably established them.

Iniquity began with trusting self more than trusting God, first with Lucifer, then with Eve and subsequently with every one of us. It took great courage for Daniel’s three friends to defy obeying Nebuchadnezzar in favor of trusting and obeying God. If Revelation describes the ultimate test of such loyalty then it behooves us to explore whether we too trust our own mortal wisdom more than that of our Creator. Who we most trust defines who we worship. To trust in anything other than God, especially ourselves, is by definition idolatry.

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